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Startup Growth Acceleration  Founder Coaching 

Corporate Innovation  GTM / Partnerships

Funding Readiness, and M&A Support
through the lifecycle of your technology startup.

We will increase your startup’s value multiples with innovative pivots and GTM to boost growth and revenue potential, and align them with the right markets.


Help startups avoid train wrecks!


Within 6-12 months of working together you will see your startup accelerate on its growth trajectory.

  • If you are an early stage startup, we will make you investor ready, and position your startup to grow into a thriving business. We do this by helping  you find the right product-market fit, establish a business model, and gain initial traction through optimal GTM. 
  • If you are a growth stage startup, we will help you transition to capture the mainstream market with a growth and revenue model that is repeatable, predictable, profitable, and scalable with the right metrics, that will make you attractive to customers and investors. We also connect growth stage companies to potential business and ecosystem partners, customers, strategic corporate investors and acquirers.
  • If you are a startup in scale mode seeking advice on fundraising, product marketing, operational optimization, seeking access to new markets and opportunities, or finding an exit, FYDA has the experience to help you across the entire value chain. 
  • FYDA service is an advisor, coach and mentor rolled into one, with a networked team of of business leaders and entrepreneurs, experienced in starting and growing businesses, and who are now advisors (and sounding board) to dozens of early, growth and scale-up stage startups. 


FYDA's growth alchemists are an essential asset for both early and growth stage startups - we warn entrepreneurs of problems on the horizon, help craft solutions, and be their sounding board. 
Our team’s years of experience can save your business from major errors and costly mistakes with just a few words, including intervention at early stages of your business to mitigate the known high failure rates.
FYDA is a team of successful entrepreneurs armed with skills and experience to help the next generation of startups become successful. Our alchemists are hands-on, ready to jump into the trenches, and work with the founding team to steer your way to success. Where required, we even take interim executive positions to focus on critical business issues to help you remove friction in the growth trajectory.
FYDA’s alchemists are trained creative and lateral thinkers, adept at brainstorming with the founders to arrive at game-changing solutions rarely to be found in books or with Google searchOur balance of business and tech exposure helps entrepreneurs focus on the challenges, choices, consequences, creative solutions and conclusions.
Industry analysis shows that entrepreneurs who had already achieved success in the tech industry were able to help younger tech startups outperform their peers by a factor of three
Successful M&A's
  • Mobile App Dev company specialized in Location-based solutions
       Wirkle acquired by Location Labs in Oct 2011
  • Low-Bandwidth video streaming with dynamic ad-stitching
       StrmEasy acquired by ScoopWhoop Media in Oct 2016
  •  Intelligent IoT platform for Telco-grade Industrial IoT solutions
        Teramatrix acquired by Globetouch in June 2017
  •  Cloud Application Workload Protection 
        Nanosec acquired by McAfee in Aug 2019
  •  Electronic Document Signature Service 
        eSignGenie acquired by FoxIT in Sept 2021
Current Portfolio Startups
  • Virtual Robotics and Real-time body motion capture
  • Digital Sales Acceleration for Real Estate 
  • P2P Mobile Commerce Enabling Platform
  • Enterprise AR for Industry 4.0
  • IoT for warehouse monitoring of Agricultural Produce 
  • Supply Logistics platform for Web3




Silicon Valley: Mountain View, CA, USA * Singapore: 29 Mayo Str.

Email:     Phone:  650-701-FYDA (650-701-3932)

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